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Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk is a vehicle featured in Black Hawk down.

Overview Edit

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk is a helicopter, appearing in every mission, with exception of last three missions. It is armed with two M134 miniguns. It can survive two rocket shots from rpg, or a single At-4 rocket. It is mostly used as a transport helicopter, but can be also seen providing air support (As seen in Radio Adid).

Notable Appearances Edit

  • Golf Three: Golf 3 appears in various missions, and first appears in Marka Breakdown. It is armed with two miniguns.
  • Super Six One: The super six one appears first time in Irene. It is the one chopper that got hit by a Rpg and crashed. It is a Fastrope variant.
  • Super Six Four: Although never appearing physically, it is mentioned in briefing Valiant Soldiers and loading screen of Last Stand. It also got hit and crashed. It's crash site was overruned by Malitia and crew's fate remained unknown.

Variants Edit

The black hawk has two variants. First one is a fastrope variant. Instead of Miniguns, it has two ropes, which extend and get back when soldiers are on it. The second one is a Medivac, which only appears in some missions if one of the teammates gets shot. In missions where the it can appear, when a teammate dies, nearby teammates will say " Man down! Man down! We need a Medivac right now!".