A UN convoy carrying food and supplies has broken down in the valley just north of Marka. It is suspected the militia members might try to raid the convoy and take the shipment for themselves. Board the waiting Humvee and proceed to their location. Protect the convoy and escort it to its destination.

Official briefing.


A UNOSOM convoy that was carrying food supplies is broken in a valley north of Marka. Player must protect the convoy and insure that they reach the desination safely. First he must protect the convoy with a and then use Golf 3 to protect the with a minigun.


  1. Protect relief convoy with .50 cal MG
  2. Dismount and meet up with your teammates
  3. Follow teammates to enemy command post
  4. Eliminate resistance at enemy command post
  5. Board helo & man left minigun
  6. Protect the convoy from the air
  7. Escort convoy safely to destination


Original first objective was to mount closest humvee, But in retail, Player already start with mounted This can be proved by mission's BIN. file.