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MK19 is a automatic belt fed grenade launcher found in Black Hawk Down.

Overview Edit

MK19 is a powerful grenade launcher mounted on a tripod. It have unlimited ammunition, mean it can fire as much as he/she wants. Due to this, it is often used in multiplayer because of it's high power, or removed from the map because of it's power. Grenades launched from it do the same damage as m203 grenade. It's major disadvantages are that it cannot be used at close range, as splash damage can severly injure or even kill it's user. Also, it is very difficult to aim, as grenades travel in a arc rather than in a straight line. Though it never officially appears in singleplayer, it can be found in multiplayer maps and can be placed by a mapper in a sp custom map. It's first official appearance in Single-player is in Team Sabre: Columbia missions.