Some attributes
First Type: Assault Rifle
Second Ammunition: 5.56 x 45mm
Third Variants: M16/M203
Other attributes
Fourth Rounds Per mag: 30
Fifth Maximum ammunition: 300
Sixth Fire Modes: Burst fire and Semi auto
M16 is a weapon featured in Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.

Overview Edit

M16 is a powerful assault rifle. It iron sights can be used to magnify the view. Variant shown in game is M16a2. It has low rate of fire, because of the burst fire mode, thus being ineffective for a large group of enemies. Like Car-15, m16 has a variant with a attached M203 grenade launcher. When sights are used with grenade launcher variant, instead of normal m16 sight, a leaf sight will be used.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite both Car-15 and M16 uses the same ammunition, M16 is far more powerful, destroying a technical in 2-3 bursts.
  • If keyboard fire key is held down, it will fire in full auto mode.