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A m134 on Black Hawk
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M134 is a weapon appearing in Black Hawk Down.

Overview Edit

M134 minigun is a powerful weapon featured in Black Hawk Down. Two of them can be found mounted on Black hawk, while only one can be found on Pavelow. It cannot be found anywhere else in the game. It is less powerful than, however, it has very high rate of fire due to it's multiple barrels, making it even more deadlier that Player has only one operttunity to use it:

  • Second objective in marka breakdown is to protect the convoy from air with a m134.

Trivia Edit

  • It can be also found mounted on bunkers in multiplayer game mode.
  • Pressing the fire button will make it fire instantly, unlike in real life, where it must spin for a few seconds before is actually starts firing.
  • Littlebird appears to be armed with two m134s. However, they cannot be used by player.