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Delta Force: Black hawk down: Team Sabre, also known at Delta Force: Team sabre, is an expansion for original windows and Playstation 2 versions of Black Hawk down. The Expansion introduces new enemies, new vehicles, as well as additional two campaigns, and some weapons.

Additional Campaigns Edit

There are two additional campaigns introduced in Team Sabre.


Team Sabre: Columbia: Player is tasked to shutdown a drug cartel led by a druglord, Paulo Antonio.

Team Sabre: Iran: Player is now tasked to save oilrigs from a arabian rebel group led by General Hatim Kalb.

Weapons Edit

Team sabre introduces 3 new weapons.

G3: A slow firing, but powerful rifle. It have usable iron sights and also reloads fast.

G36: A fast firing, powerful rifle. When compared to g3, it fires faster, but have lower accuracy. It have it's own unique usable acog.

PSG-1: A powerful sniper rifle. It have faster reload time than Barrett and M14, and fires slightly faster than them.

Vehicles Edit

The Team Sabre includes new vehicles.

Land Vehicles

VBL: A armored vehicle used by Rebels in Team Sabre: Iran. It has a mounted m60 machine gun, and have more health than a standard technical, however, it will not last long enough against explosives or mounted weaponary.

Air Vehicles

Enemy Littlebird: It is a civilian variant of Ah-6 littlebird, and have same statistics as a littlebird. It exclusively appears in Columbian campaign.

MH-53 Pavelow: A helicopter used by Iranian S.A.S during Iranian Campaign. It only have a m134 mounted on it's right side. It have a ramp in the back, which must be open in order to enter it or exit it.

Douglas DC-3: It is a plane used by Columbian gurillias to smuggle drugs. Whenever it appears, player is always tasked to destroy it.

Water vehicles/ Boats

Druglord's speedboat: It is a speedboat that is used by Columbians. It has two variants, one is armored and other is a standard variant.

Iranian Oil tanker: It is a oil tanker boat. It always appear still, though it can move.

Iranian Patrol boat: A boat used by rebels in Iran. It have a machine gun mounted on it's back.

RHIB: It is USMC counterpart of the Druglord speedboat and IPB. It have a machine gun mounted on the front, but due to it being inflatable, it won't last against bullets, even 9mm can easily destroy it.