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AH-6 littlebird is a light helicopter featured in Black Hawk Down.

Overview Edit

AH-6 appears throughout the game, mostly serving as a way of transport or providing aerial support. It is very fast in speed, but cannot survive longer, as one rocket from a Rpg or At-4 will destroy it. It can also be destroyed by a machine gun very easily.

Variants Edit

AH-6 has two variants, the Fighter one and a enemy variant. The fighter variant is equipped with dual M134 miniguns and two rocket pods. It most of the time appears providing aerial support, most of the time destroying technicals and machine gun posts. It first appears in Gasoline Alley, where it destroys a technical. And enemy variant appears exclusively in Team Sabre. It is used by drug cartel members. It has same statistics as the fighter variant, except it can be destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • If the bench variant is placed in multiplayer, it is ride able, however, when exiting, it will kill the player instantly, with the message" [Player Name] walked into spinning blades".
  • The Fighter variant appears indestructable, as it will only smoke if shot at.
  • It never uses it's actual weapons, instead, it have squib start minigun placed.
  • When it uses it's actual weapons, it will constantly spin around it's target, and will constantly fire with it's miniguns. It will randomly fire it's powerful missiles. When shot at, it will retreat, then after few seconds began to attack again.