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A on a tripod
Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes machine gun, as known as ma deuce, is a mounted weapon featured in black hawk down.

Overview Edit is a very powerful machine gun, able to destroy most vehicles in just few shots. Like all mounted weapons, it has unlimited ammo. appears either as a stationary weapon on a tripod, or mounted on a vehicle. that appear on tripod can either turn 180 degrees or 360, but mounted one will always turn 360 degree. A variant exclusively appears in multiplayer on Search and Destroy game mode. It have a team colored glow around it, and is objective of the opposing team to destroy it.

Tips and Tricks Edit

enemies using a are a great threat in battlefield. always use cracks and holes to check around corners or alleyways, as always hides in tight corners and hidden in shadows. Always lean, and throw a grenade in order to eliminate it. It can be also be eliminated by other weapons, though using them can be a little risky. Enemies using are immune to the effects of flashbangs, so you can't even blind them. Usage of a frag grenade is wise, and can be used effectively with lean function. Worse weapon to counter it is the shotgun. Best weapons are explosive.

Trivia Edit

  • Machine gun on VBL appears to be a M60, but it will have viewmodel of a and behaves exactly same.
  • A exclusive armored variant appears in multiplayer. It is always mounted on a Humvee and has armored plates on it.